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Card for Hurt/Comfort Bingo Round 8.

toothache sacrifice slaves fall from grace body image issues
panic attacks accidental mating for life phobias haunted protection
survivor's guilt nervous breakdown WILD CARD healers accidents
loss of home / shelter serial killers branding near death experience hiding an injury / illness
needles / piercings food poisoning de-age side effects asking for help
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in Another Man's Shoes Haunted house aphrodisiacs presumed dead transformations
locked in metafiction Torture/interrogation crossover in vino veritas / drunkfic
huddle for warmth fork in the road FREE SPACE handcuffed / bound together mind control
virginfic unrequited love / pining secret twin/doppelganger bodyswap poor communication skills
Hurt /comfort Happy ending Foot fetish character in distress genderswap
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Got another bingo card, this time for Gen Prompt Bingo. The fic length requirement is only 100 words per square, so maybe this time I'll actually get around to writing something before the amnesty period.

Winter / Summer Weather Summertime (and the Livin' is Easy) Speech-deprived Anticipation Light-Hearted
Conversation Teacher Silence Vampires Mirror, mirror: Doppelgangers, clones and evil doubles
Revelations and Concealments Suicide Wild Card The North Wind doth Blow Wild Passions
Compare and Contrast Vehicles South America Happy Endings Opposites Attract
High School / College AU Perpetual Motion Deities and Followers Warm Blooded / Cold Blooded Formidable
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Another month, another bingo sign-up, this time for Cotton Candy Bingo.

Insomnia "I love you" Glow-in-the-dark Early Playing with hair
Wooing Lighthouse Books Morning Sex
Soft Wordless Communication WILD CARD Hero / Idol Performing
Birthday Reluctant help / comfort Markings Online dating / relationship Blind date
Smile Film / Movie / Video Telepathy / Mental Connection Open Hotel / Motel / Resort

Minimum word count = 500
Round Three Amnesty ends December 31.
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As part of my New Year's Resolution to write more, I signed up for a Trope Bingo card today, seeing as how it has been ages since I've been able to write anything without a prompt.

transformations mind games futurefic handcuffed / bound together sharing a bed
unrequited love / pining metafiction telepathy / mindmeld fuck or die epistolary
meet the parents / family virginfic FREE

rivals to lovers locked in
au: royalty / aristocracy / feudal bets / wagers au: alternate professions celebratory kiss hurt / comfort
sex pollen trapped in a dream role reversal coming out (of the closet) unexpected friendship

Minimum word count = 500
Round Three Amnesty ends December 31.


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