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This isn't really a Dear Author letter. I just wanted someplace to put my prompts for Jukebox 2015, so I could refer back to them later without being logged into AO3.

Fandom: I Crush Everything - Jonathan Coulton (Song)

Request Type: Fanfiction

Optional Details:
Is the narrator the famous kraken or are they some lesser known sea monster, and why did they decide it wasn't okay to sink ships anymore? Is the narrator a pervert for being attracted to something that's not the same species, or are they one of a kind so they don't have the option of finding companionship with something less breakable than a boat? Are the other denizens of the deep glad the narrator is giving up their destructive ways, or is this the giant monster equivalent of suddenly eating nothing but locally grown organic raw vegan and never shutting up about it? Is the narrator able to maintain their self-control or do they occasionally backslide? Is there a support group for this kind of thing with Godzilla, and Leviathan, and Nidhogg, and other monsters as members? Why are dolphins such jerks?

Fandom: Hard World - Murder By Death (Song)

Request Type: Fanfiction

Optional Details:
I'm fascinated by songs and stories told from the point of view of people who are already dead, so I would really love a fic getting deeper into that. Do the forgotten missing persons do anything to try to help the newcomer, or are they too caught up in their envy to do even that? Do the spirits ever reach out and try to get revenge from beyond the grave, or are they trapped where their bodies are buried, only able to communicate with those who already share their fate? Is the person currently being searched for ever found, or are they eventually forgotten too, just like the ones who no one noticed were missing? Do the dead need to be found before they can truly be at peace, or could they somehow come to terms with what happened to them and find peace that way even none of the living ever discover what happened?

Fandom: Comet - The Bouncing Souls (Song)

Request Type: Fanfiction

Optional Details:
Is the narrator right about the comet bringing some sort of worldwide transformation/rebirth, or is he just so fed up with everything that he welcomes the prospect of total destruction? Is everyone about to get superpowers or turned into mutant zombies or some other similarly fantastic event? If so, how does the narrator know it is going to happen? Is the comet really going to do anything at all, or is it just going to look pretty in the sky while some people panic before everything goes back to normal, thoroughly disappointing the narrator? If nothing happens, how is the narrator going to deal with any social bridges he may have burned when he thought everything was going to change?

Fandom: Damn These Vampires - The Mountain Goats (Song)

Request Type: Fanfiction

Optional Details:
I like how this song paints a picture of a modern supernatural western. Tell me about the damn vampires and whether the narrator ever gets revenge on them. What exactly did they do the narrator and/or his friends? Has the narrator been turned into a vampire himself, or was he just a meal who managed to survive? Why does memory get mentioned multiple times? Have the vampires been preying on people for a long time and making them forget, or is it something else entirely?

Fandom: The Bones of an Idol - The New Pornographers (Song)

Request Type: Fanfiction

Optional Details:
Why do these people keep getting turned on while they are in the middle of doing archaeology and/or tomb robbing? Is it just a case of them continually falling victim to their own long-standing sexual tension, or do they both literally get off on doing their jobs, or are there outside forces at work, like maybe some sort of fertility god taking revenge on them for messing with sacred artifacts which should have stayed buried? What is the significance of "you" having been looking for the cup since you were young when the other verses of the song are about "we"? Has the main narrator only recently joined the other participant on this quest, or have they been working together for a long time but the main narrator has goals other than the cup? Are they even actually working together, or are they rivals, or frenemies, or something else?

Fandom: Bloodbuzz Ohio - The National (Song)

Request Type: Fanfiction

Optional Details:
Tell me about the bees. How and why did they carry the narrator to Ohio, and what, if anything, do they have to do with the rest of the things he is singing about? What is a bloodbuzz, and did the bees directly cause it or are they merely tangential to its existence? Why doesn't the narrator think about love when he thinks about home? Did the bees have something to do with that, or were they trying to get him away from that situation? Does the narrator have some kind of special relationship with the bees, or have they done this to a lot of people? Is this magical realism, science fiction, horror, or none of the above? Is it all just a metaphor and there are no actual bees, or is that just what the bees want you to think?
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