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Sorry, anonymous author, it has been an unexpectedly busy week, so this is still a work in progress, but here is what I have so far. The rest is coming soon.

Dear Yuletide 2015 Writer,

I'm so happy that we share a common fandom, and I look forward to reading whatever you want to write. All optional details are optional, and a story that you had fun writing will probably turn out better for both of us than one where you had to torture yourself trying to shape it into something against the will of your muse. If you already have an idea that you really want to write for whatever fandom/characters we matched on, then you should go with that. Otherwise, keep reading for some general preferences of mine and some random story prompts. Sorry it's so ridiculously long. Just skip however much of it you want. It's all optional.

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Dear Night on Fic Mountain Author,

Thank you so much for agreeing to write in one of my fandoms! Don't stress over my requests, because I like lots of different types of stories. If you had something specific in mind when you offered whichever characters we matched on, then feel free to go ahead and write that, because I don't have my heart set on any particular idea. My optional details are merely suggestions to hopefully provide a spark of inspiration if you need it. Half the joy of exchanges is getting a story which I would have never thought to write for myself, and a story is more likely to turn out good if the author enjoyed writing it, so don't force yourself to go in any creative directions you don't like just to try to please me. Have fun writing, and I'm sure I'll have fun reading too. :)

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Dear Ship Swap Author,

I'm still working on my letter. I hope to have it finished before Feb. 14, but if for some reason I don't, then feel free to write whatever you want.

Edit 9pm, 2/14: I'm still working on it. I hope to have everything finished later tonight, but in the meantime, here is what I have so far.

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