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This isn't really a Dear Author letter. I just wanted someplace to put my prompts for the Trick or Treat 2014 Exchange, so I could refer back to them later without being logged into AO3.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Any Character

Possible tricks:
- The show has canon ghosts. What other supernatural creatures are lurking in the shadows?
- If there was ever somebody destined to haunt his enemies, it was John Bly.
- After the first time Pete had a supposedly miraculous recovery, he started to see dead people. After the second time, dead people started to see him. The situation has only gone downhill from that already low point every time since then.
- Big Smith said the Orb saved him. He never said getting his personality rewritten was a pleasant experience.

Possible treats:
- Dixie's Halloween show at the Horseshoe Club is like nothing else in San Francisco.
- Pete mentioned having once punched a man in a dress. That incident was but one of the many reasons why he doesn't get invited to Halloween parties anymore.
- Dixie, Big Smith, and Pete, Halloween in Sutter's Creek, 1892.

Gravity Falls

Any Character

Possible tricks:
- That spell in the journal involving formaldehyde and cinnamon didn't really cure Soos of being a zombie. He may not crave brains anymore, but he's still one of the walking dead.
- Bill has started haunting people's dreams Freddy Kruger style. He's not trying to get information anymore. He just wants revenge.
- Somebody finds and reads from what they think is a fourth journal. Nope, that was the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. Whoops.
- Grunkle Stan wasn't joking when he said the IRS was staffed by blood-sucking giant leech monsters in human form.

Possible treats:
- There's a new cute boy in town, and Mabel thinks he might be a sparkle-pire. Can she convince Dipper it's not just a paranormal romance novel cliche before it's too late and all of Gravity Falls is permanently covered in glitter?
- Having eaten the unwanted candy monster, Soos becomes the new personification of Summerween. "Dudes, this is awesome."
- Wendy knows how to fight werewolves because she used to date one.
- All the mummified cats in the Gravity Falls Museum's Egyptology exhibit have woken up and are wandering around town. They're actually kind of cute. Can the Pines twins get them rounded up before animal control tries to send them back to the afterlife?

Hell on Wheels (TV)

Any Character

Possible tricks:
- Legend has it that anyone who eats human flesh will forever crave more. Ever since Andersonville, the Swede has been having cravings.
- This is another show where everyone has a bodycount to their name, so lots of opportunities for hauntings by the unquiet dead.
- It's no coincidence that a locomotive's whistle in the distance sounds like the wailing of lost souls.
- Just when Cullen Bohannon thought that he had run out of things to be surprised at in this world, the dead started rising from their graves.

Possible treats:
- The community surrounding the building of the railroad is full of contrasting cultures jammed up against each other. How do all the different Halloween traditions clash, and how do they mesh?
- Wikipedia claims that celebrating Halloween in North America was mostly confined to immigrant communities in the mid-19th century, so show me Eva's, Elam's, or Cullen's reaction to the first time they saw carved turnips with candles in them or other Halloween-related practices.
- It started with bobbing for apples and ended with more things on fire than is ever a good idea.


Any Character

Possible tricks:
- Anything with ghosts, revenants, or any other variation of the unquiet dead haunting or otherwise trying to cause trouble for the person they hold responsible for their death. With the show's bodycount so high, that's a lot of options.
- Anything with dark and creepy local folklore/traditions.
- Something supernatural either Tim or Boyd first encountered while in the military followed them home and has been making Kentucky its playground ever since.
- Mags may be dead, but she is far from gone, and her idea of tough love has only gotten worse.
- Something is haunting Winona. Is it Gary or something far worse?

Possible treats:
- The Lexington, KY marshal's office Halloween party.
- Show me Halloween in Harlan 20+ years ago, with young Ava, Raylan, Boyd, Dickie, or any combination thereof, the more trouble they get into the better.
- Loretta takes her foster siblings trick-or-treating, and events conspire to make the night a lot less boring than she expected.
- Raylan's hat has a curse on it. Actually, it might have two.
- Rachel and Tim have to work a case on Halloween night. They help each other stay awake by making up ridiculous ghost stories which may or may not star people they know.

The Last Ship (TV)

Any Character

Do Not Want: Tom/Rachel

Possible tricks:
- What if instead of a mutated bird flu, the pandemic was zombies or vampirism? It's a lot more difficult to maintain quarantine when the dead bodies keep getting up and trying to eat the living.
- Maybe some survival horror or being haunted by his dead fellow guards for Tex on Guantanamo before the Nathan James shows up.
- By the time it becomes apparent that the cure Dr. Scott developed does have side effects, it is far too late to do anything about them, and in the end the cure may be worse than the disease.
- After so many people all die so horribly in such a short amount of time, nearly the entire world is haunted now.

Possible treats:
- The crew tries to celebrate Halloween aboard the ship. Some people get more creative than others when it comes to scrounging together stuff for costumes.
- Lab monkey ghosts.
- Any combination of characters hanging out together and trading stories of the ridiculous Halloween-related shenanigans they got up to when they were younger.

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch

Any Character

Do Not Want: any spoilers for Foxglove Summer

Possible tricks:
- In a world where ghosts are real and can be deadly, what happens on the night when the veil between this life and the next is at its thinnest?
- The Faceless Man has developed one of those "turn people into whatever costume they are wearing" type of spells with results that lean more towards body horror than pretty princesses. The Folly has to deal with the fallout.
- Molly gets tired of being nice.
- Something Dr. Walid was dissecting turns out to have not been as dead as everybody thought, and it gets bitey. It may or may not have been infectious.
- Every night is Halloween at the Strip Club of Dr. Moreau, whether you want it to be or not.

Possible treats:
- Anything about Nightingale or any of the other long-lived/immortal characters being all "What is it with kids today and this silly Halloween nonsense? In my day we did [insert whatever]!"
- Children from the magical community unexpectedly show up to trick-or-treat at the Folly. Molly saves the day with awesome homemade treats.
- The Folly team have to dress up for a Halloween party for some reason, and they make the mistake of letting Peter pick the costumes. The results are epically geeky.
- Werelight jack-o-lanterns and other magically enhanced Halloween decorations.


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