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Dear Night on Fic Mountain Author,

Thank you so much for agreeing to write in one of my fandoms! Don't stress over my requests, because I like lots of different types of stories. If you had something specific in mind when you offered whichever characters we matched on, then feel free to go ahead and write that, because I don't have my heart set on any particular idea. My optional details are merely suggestions to hopefully provide a spark of inspiration if you need it. Half the joy of exchanges is getting a story which I would have never thought to write for myself, and a story is more likely to turn out good if the author enjoyed writing it, so don't force yourself to go in any creative directions you don't like just to try to please me. Have fun writing, and I'm sure I'll have fun reading too. :)

Some of my likes:
- happy endings
- bittersweet endings
- unavoidably tragic endings
- stories that give a good view of a character's thought process
- women who aren't afraid to ask for what they want in bed
- lovers who have fulfilling sexlives without sex being the sole basis for their relationship
- foreplay
- sex which occurs as a natural progression of the plot
- fading to black if the sex would disrupt the flow of the rest of the story
- cuddling, either between lovers or platonicly between close friends
- found families
- quiet domestic scenes
- wild action scenes
- banter
- humor
- horror
- scheming villains
- creative problem solving
- partnerships of equals (or at least something close)
- characters being at least as competent as they were in canon
- character growth
- people learning from their mistakes (and then sometimes going on to make completely different mistakes)
- people playing to their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses (at least to themselves, unless that level of self-awareness would be OOC)
- people attempting to communicate with each other even if they don't always succeed
- good-natured verbal sparring/banter
- earned respect, with or without earned friendship
- rivals-to-friends story arcs
- a sense of place
- situations where what a person doesn't say is just as important as what they do say
- backstory
- missing scenes from canon
- post-canon adventures
- casefic
- slice of life stories
- canon-divergent AUs (AKA, stories exploring what would have happened if a character made a different decision at some point and changed everything that happened after)
- daemon AUs (AKA, everyone has a physical manifestation of their soul shaped like an animal which represents their personality)
- time travel
- monsters that aren't as bad as they seem
- monsters that are even worse than they seem
- genre-savvy characters
- genre-bending weirdness
- occasional moral ambiguity
- subverted tropes or clichés
- tropes or clichés played straight but lampshaded
- cracktastic premises played straight
- crossovers
- fictional characters interacting with historical figures
- characters dealing with the consequences of having been in situations which brought out aspects of their personalities, either positive or negative, which they had not previously realized they had
- storytelling and/or stories as either a theme or a plot point

- porn without plot
- scat/watersports
- intentional sexual humiliation
- rape/non-con/dub-con portrayed in a positive light
- alpha/beta/omega dynamics
- 24/7 lifestyle D/s
- incest
- underage
- infidelity

Fandom: 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

Alice Evans, Emma Nelson

Optional Details:
I would love to see something where you fit both of these women into a story as major characters (maybe Alice hires Emma to help take care of the kids after Dan is gone and they end up friends?), but that is not in any way required, so don't feel obligated to do so if you only offered one of them. For Alice, I would love to see something set pre-canon, maybe when the family is first settling in at the ranch and there was still hope that maybe they could turn their luck around, or when she and Dan are still living back east, maybe before the kids are even born. Or maybe something before she met Dan and she really was that daughter of a sea captain who Ben Wade met in San Francisco. Something post-canon about Alice raising the kids on her own now that her husband is dead would be interesting too. For Emma, I would love to see some backstory, either her time in Leadville or how she chose Bisbee over any of the other places with a hot, dry climate she could have moved to to try to ease her lungs. Alternatively, I would love to see a canon divergent AU where she took Ben up on his offer to jump out the back window with him and run away to Mexico. Would they live happily ever after? Would they spend a few months together and then go their separate ways? Would Charlie follow them and somehow cause things to turn out even worse for everyone than they did in the movie? I would also love to see something set post-canon where either Alice or Emma (or both of them?) run into Ben Wade again and whatever events (romance? revenge? restitution? none of the above?) might be set in motion by that.

Fandom: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Any Character (Nominated Characters = Brisco County Jr., Comet, Dixie Cousins, Lord Bowler, Pete Hutter, Socrates Poole)

Optional Details:
I love all these characters and would love to see anything about any of them. I also loved how the show jumped from genre to genre and sometimes blatantly stole plots from other sources just for the fun of it, so take your story in whatever direction inspires you. Adventures with anachronistic technological advancements? Characters running into famous historical figures? Supernatural weirdness? Romance? Espionage? A straight-up western? Characters traveling through time and meeting younger versions of themselves or others? Arguments about what the dime novels got wrong and jealousy (or maybe relief) from people who didn't get mentioned at all? A farce about the trials and tribulations of Lord Bowler attempting to adapt to an agricultural lifestyle after finally buying that vineyard? Tracking a serial killer who has already managed to kill Pete Hutter four times? Dixie's adventures in China? Comet going undercover as a recently captured wild mustang in order to catch a gang of horse thieves? Socrates having to survive on his own in the wilderness and being at least slightly better at it than expected thanks to the stuff he learned from Brisco and Bowler? Brisco needing to put his lawyering skills to work as a prosecutor instead of as a defense attorney? Something else entirely? It's all good. Feel free to include whatever un-nominated characters you want, because there isn't anyone who I would be unhappy to see turn up in a story. I mostly ship Brisco/Dixie, Brisco/Dixie/Bowler, Bowler/Lenore Raymond, and Pete Hutter/Aaron Viva, with a side of Dixie/Big Smith/Pete Hutter for stories set pre-canon, but I'm open to pretty much any combination you feel like exploring.

Fandom: Justified

Any Character (Nominated Characters = Ava Crowder, Boyd Crowder, Loretta McCready, Rachel Brooks, Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson)

Optional Details:
The final episode of Justified will not air until after signups close, so depending on what happens in that episode, there might be a lot of additional "optional details" for this request turning up in my letter in the next few days. [ETA: I liked the finale just fine, so if you want to write post-canon fic dealing with where any of these characters ended up, then that would be just great. That being said, if you didn't like the finale and wanted to write an alternate ending of any kind, that would be cool too.]

I love all these characters and would love reading anything about any of them, either singularly or any combination of them interacting together. Backstory, character studies, or missing scenes are always good. Or, you could take two characters who don't interact in canon very much and write about what they would talk about if they were forced into close proximity for an extended period of time. For example, if Tim and Loretta were stuck in a traffic jam together, would they spend the first half hour making snide remarks at each other and the whole rest of the time trading stories about Raylan being a dumbass and/or a hero, or would they somehow end up having a meaningful heart to heart about life the universe and everything which later they would both deny ever happening? What would Rachel and Ava have to say to each other while waiting for somebody to fix the courthouse elevator which currently had them trapped? That sort of thing. If you're feeling more ambitious, I also love casefic, and gunfights, and backwoods shenanigans, and people who aren't nearly as smart as they think they are, and all the other fun things that the show gets up to on a weekly basis. Feel free to include whatever un-nominated characters you want, because there isn't anyone who I would be unhappy to see turn up in a story.

Fandom: The Last Ship (TV)

Andrea Garnett, Rachel Scott, Alisha Granderson, Tex Nolan

Optional Details:
I would love to see something that deals with the events of the first season finale, "No Place Like Home" and what happens after. Does Alisha manage to talk some kind of sense into her mother, or does she team up with Rachel to escape? Is Alisha reunited with her girlfriend? Can Rachel talk any of the other scientists into changing sides and helping her? How does Andrea deal with the Nathan James being captured? Is Andrea's daughter still alive somewhere out there? Does Tex run into any of the so-called "warlords" while he's out on his own, and how does he find out about everything going wrong for everyone else?

If you don't want to write something set after the season one finale for fear of getting jossed the same day stories are revealed, I would also love to see backstory for any of the requested characters or missing scenes set during the first season, either scrambling to deal with the latest life-threatening disaster on the ship or quiet moments of hanging out during downtime. I ship Rachel/Tex if you want to go there, but it isn't required. I just picked my favorites for this one, but I'm not expecting you to try to fit all four into the story unless you really want to. Also, feel free to throw in whatever other characters you want, though I'm not particularly interested in the Kara/Danny romance beyond some mild amusement at how much Tex apparently ships it.

Fandom: Oglaf

Navaan the Vampire Assassin

Optional Details:
I would love anything with Navaan. It could be backstory about how Navaan ended up as a vampire and/or assassin, or it could be something about her shenanigans as a fake doctor. Maybe just once, by sheer luck, she manages to help a patient, though not necessarily in the way anyone had been expecting. Or, maybe the local villagers decide a doctor is just as good as a veterinarian, and now Navaan needs to get out of town before everyone tries to make her fix this totally random vampire horse situation which she had absolutely nothing to do with accidentally causing, honest. Or, you could show her trying to find new and entertaining uses for those "fake death" pellets. Or, you could have the story include gen or shippy adventures with Greir. Maybe the lesbian pirates stole something Greir was hired to protect and she needs Navaan's help to get it back, or Greir could introduce Navaan to the Snow Queen for some reason that made sense at the time but now seems like it may have been a really bad idea because Navaan has broken out her fruit viking seduction costume and there are frozen bananas everywhere. Or Navaan could meet Kronar, or the Derpy Fox, or the shape shifters, or the sex-toy-making dwarves, or anybody else. Or you could write about something totally different, just as long as it's about Navaan having fun while getting into trouble. Whatever idea happens to inspire you, just go wild and have fun with it, because that's Navaan's way.

Fandom: Z Nation (TV)

Cassandra, Murphy

Optional Details:
I would love to see something that deals with the events of the first season finale, "Doctor of the Dead" and what happens after. Did Murphy just bite Cassandra for his own reasons, or did she ask him to do it? How is this going to affect her relationship with 10k? Does Cassandra have any of the same powers as Murphy now, or is he the only one who can do those things? What has Murphy become now that he has shed all his skin? Feel free to just hand-wave some random excuse for the nukes not killing everyone. Comedic snarkiness, or dark brooding about body horror and identity issues, or anything in between would all be equally welcome. You could have them killing lots of zombies or specifically choosing not to kill any zombies or turning the zombies into their personal army to be used against other people, or you could just ignore all the zombies in favor of focusing on the people who are still capable of having a conversation. Alternatively, backstory or missing scenes focusing on either Cassandra or Murphy without the other would be great too. Feel free to throw in whichever other characters you want, though I'm not particularly interested in the Addy/Mack romance. I would also prefer that you don't pair Cassandra and Murphy romantically, because the whole mind control thing leads to power dynamics I'm not into right now.


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