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Dear Not Prime Time Author,

Thank you so much for agreeing to write in one of my fandoms! Don't stress over my requests, because I like lots of different types of stories. If you had something specific in mind when you offered whichever characters we matched on, then feel free to go ahead and write that, because I don't have my heart set on any particular idea. My optional details are merely suggestions to hopefully provide a spark of inspiration if you need it. Half the joy of exchanges is getting a story which I would have never thought to write for myself, and a story is more likely to turn out good if the author enjoyed writing it, so don't force yourself to go in any creative directions you don't like just to try to please me. Have fun writing, and I'm sure I'll have fun reading too. :)

(Also, if my details aren't inspiring you and we happened to match on a fandom which I have previously requested in other exchanges, feel free to go through my journal tags to see if you like any of my old prompts better.)

Some of my likes:
- happy endings
- bittersweet endings
- unavoidably tragic endings
- stories that give a good view of a character's thought process
- women who aren't afraid to ask for what they want in bed
- lovers who have fulfilling sexlives without sex being the sole basis for their relationship
- foreplay
- sex which occurs as a natural progression of the plot
- fading to black if the sex would disrupt the flow of the rest of the story
- cuddling, either between lovers or platonicly between close friends
- found families
- quiet domestic scenes
- wild action scenes
- banter
- humor
- horror
- scheming villains
- creative problem solving
- partnerships of equals (or at least something close)
- characters being at least as competent as they were in canon
- character growth
- people learning from their mistakes (and then sometimes going on to make completely different mistakes)
- people playing to their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses (at least to themselves, unless that level of self-awareness would be OOC)
- people attempting to communicate with each other even if they don't always succeed
- good-natured verbal sparring/banter
- earned respect, with or without earned friendship
- rivals-to-friends story arcs
- a sense of place
- situations where what a person doesn't say is just as important as what they do say
- backstory
- missing scenes from canon
- post-canon adventures
- casefic
- slice of life stories
- canon-divergent AUs (AKA, stories exploring what would have happened if a character made a different decision at some point and changed everything that happened after)
- daemon AUs (AKA, everyone has a physical manifestation of their soul shaped like an animal which represents their personality)
- time travel
- monsters that aren't as bad as they seem
- monsters that are even worse than they seem
- genre-savvy characters
- genre-bending weirdness
- occasional moral ambiguity
- subverted tropes or clichés
- tropes or clichés played straight but lampshaded
- cracktastic premises played straight
- crossovers
- fictional characters interacting with historical figures
- characters dealing with the consequences of having been in situations which brought out aspects of their personalities, either positive or negative, which they had not previously realized they had
- storytelling and/or stories as either a theme or a plot point

- porn without plot
- scat/watersports
- intentional sexual humiliation
- rape/non-con/dub-con portrayed in a positive light
- alpha/beta/omega dynamics
- 24/7 lifestyle D/s
- incest
- underage
- infidelity

Fandom: Discworld - Terry Pratchett

Samuel Vimes, Sybil Ramkin

Optional Details:
I love Sam, and I love Sybil, and I love them even more when they're together, especially when they're working towards a common goal like they were with the dragon in Guards, Guards, and with the diplomatic mission in the Fifth Elephant, and figuring out what's going on with Koom Valley in Thud. I would love to see anything about them at any stage of their relationship, whether it's facing more political and/or Watch-related problems during canon, or something involving a grownup Young Sam post-canon, or even a pre-canon story if you wanted to show times when they almost met but didn't quite for whatever reason. Including swamp dragons is always a plus but is not required, and feel free to throw in whichever other characters you want. Really, all I ask is that you give Sybil a more interesting role than just having her be the person who dictates Sam's diet for his own good.

Fandom: Gargoyles (TV)


Optional Details:
I would love to see anything about MacBeth. It could be from the golden age when he was king of Scotland and supposedly BFFs with Demona. It could be a glimpse of what he was doing at any point during the thousand years before he turned up in New York in the 1990s. Did he really spend that whole time trying to find Demona and failing, or did he occasionally turn his attention to other things? Did he take part in any great events of history, or was he trying to stay out of sight? For canon-era stories of future fic, I would love to see him needing to team up with any of the rest of the show's cast, either to go on a quest of some sort or just to achieve some more mundane goal. Or maybe there is another situation where he ends up as the antagonist again. If you want to take things in a shippy direction, I really like the idea of MacBeth and Demona someday (either in current times or in the far future) working out their differences and getting together because at heart they understand each other better than anyone, but feel free to ship him with anyone else who interests you. I haven't read any of the comics, so if you refer to anything that happened in them, then you are probably going to need to explain it a little more than you would for a reference to something that happened in the show. If you're inclined towards crossovers, feel free to throw MacBeth into any canon my journal has tags for.

Fandom: Highlander: The Series


Optional Details:
I would love to see anything about Methos. It could be a random canon-era adventure with Alexa, or with Duncan, or with Amanda, or with Joe, or with any of the rest of the cast. Or it could be an examination of his transition from Death On A Horse to Just A Guy. Or tell me about Methos at any point in history. What famous figures did he meet by accident? Which ones did he intentionally seek out? Which ones did he avoid at all costs? Which ones did he wish he could have met but didn't find out about until years or centuries later? What is he doing right now, or what might he be doing a few hundred years in the future? Please ignore Highlander: The Source. If you're inclined towards crossovers, feel free to throw Methos into any canon my journal has tags for.

Fandom: Justified

Any Character (Nominated Characters = Avery Markham, Art Mullen, Ava Crowder, Boyd Crowder, David Vasquez, Loretta McCready, Nelson Dunlop, Rachel Brooks, Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson, Wynn Duffy)

Optional Details:
I would love to see post-canon fic for any of the nominated characters, though in Markham's case that would require some kind of supernatural and/or canon-divergent AU. Does the Lexington Marshals' office change at all now that Raylan is gone? Do any of them keep in touch with Raylan, or do they like to pretend he doesn't exist? Does anyone ever go visit him in Miami? Does Rachel regret becoming the boss, or does she thrive? Do Tim and Raylan keep swapping books by mail, and if so what do they think of each other's choices of reading material? Does Loretta have any more run-ins with the Marshals, and does she manage to become the Weed Queen of Harlan, or does her life go off in some other direction? What does Boyd do in prison when he's not playing preacher, and who does he call when he gets phone privileges, Raylan or someone else? Is Duffy really off surfing in Fiji, or is he doing something else entirely? Is Ava ever tempted to get back in touch with Boyd once their son is grown up and past the point of Boyd being able to significantly shape his life? Does Art manage to enjoy his retirement? Alternatively, pick a character and tell me who they would drunk-dial after having a few too many, what they would say (romantic or otherwise), and what the consequences of that would be.

Fandom: Life on Mars & Related Fandoms

Any Character (Nominated Characters = Alex Drake, Annie Cartwright, Chris Skelton, Gene Hunt, Sam Tyler, Shaz Granger)

Optional Details:
I'm one of those people who likes to view Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes as being two parts of a whole, and I really liked the ending. More than anything, I want worldbuilding for this strange afterlife as seen through the lens of whichever character or characters we matched on. How much does each newcomer to Gene's "kingdom" influence the place, and how long do those influences last after the person leaves? Did Annie, or Chris, or Shaz, (or Ray) initially remember their old lives like Sam and Alex did, and if so, how did they react to their arrival? Does Gene only remember what's really happening when someone "goes to the pub," or is it more often than that? After jumping off the roof, did Sam just follow Gene's lead, or did he keep trying to influence what he thought was history? After Sam went to the pub, were he and Annie reunited wherever they ended up next? Does Alex ever get to see Gene again? Alternatively, if you were in the mood for a challenge and wanted to do an ensemble piece, I would love to see an AU where Sam and Annie were in London with Gene and everyone else when Alex arrived in 1981.

Fandom: Gravity Falls

Any Character (Nominated Characters = Bill Cipher, Dipper Pines, Fiddleford H. McGucket, Jesus "Soos" Alzamirano Ramirez, Mabel Pines, Pacifica Northwest, Stanford Pines, Wendy Corduroy)

Optional Details:
I would love to see you pick whichever character or characters you want and embroil them in the town's latest does of supernatural and/or sci-fi weirdness, be it major or minor, life-threatening or merely irritating or so subtle no one notices anything strange is happening until it's over. Or in Bill's case, since his whole existence is already supernatural weirdness, what does his version of a completely mundane day look like? What would Old Man McGucket build if Stan hired him to make something for the Mystery Shack? Do Mabel and Wendy ever go on adventures without Dipper, possibly bring Pacifica (or Candy and Grenda) along for the ride? I would also love to see Pines family bonding moments featuring any combination of Mabel, Dipper, and Stan (and possibly Soos too, since he seems to want Stan to adopt him).


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