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Dear Lost Librarian,

Thank you so much for signing up to create a part of one of these fictional works. I'm sure whatever you do will be great, so please don't stress over it. Have fun! If you already have an idea that you want to write, then go ahead and write that. All my details are completely optional and are only there to hopefully provide some inspiration if you need it.

I know that most of these aren't really relevant to this exchange, but here is my usual list of likes/dislikes, just in case.

Some of my likes:
- happy endings
- bittersweet endings
- unavoidably tragic endings
- stories that give a good view of a character's thought process
- women who aren't afraid to ask for what they want in bed
- lovers who have fulfilling sexlives without sex being the sole basis for their relationship
- foreplay
- sex which occurs as a natural progression of the plot
- fading to black if the sex would disrupt the flow of the rest of the story
- cuddling, either between lovers or platonically between close friends
- found families
- quiet domestic scenes
- wild action scenes
- banter
- humor
- horror
- scheming villains
- creative problem solving
- partnerships of equals (or at least something close)
- characters being at least as competent as they were in canon
- character growth
- people learning from their mistakes (and then sometimes going on to make completely different mistakes)
- people playing to their strengths and acknowledging their weaknesses (at least to themselves, unless that level of self-awareness would be OOC)
- people attempting to communicate with each other even if they don't always succeed
- good-natured verbal sparring/banter
- earned respect, with or without earned friendship
- rivals-to-friends story arcs
- a sense of place
- situations where what a person doesn't say is just as important as what they do say
- backstory
- missing scenes from canon
- post-canon adventures
- casefic
- slice of life stories
- canon-divergent AUs (AKA, stories exploring what would have happened if a character made a different decision at some point and changed everything that happened after)
- daemon AUs (AKA, everyone has a physical manifestation of their soul shaped like an animal which represents their personality)
- time travel
- monsters that aren't as bad as they seem
- monsters that are even worse than they seem
- genre-savvy characters
- genre-bending weirdness
- occasional moral ambiguity
- subverted tropes or clichés
- tropes or clichés played straight but lampshaded
- cracktastic premises played straight
- crossovers
- fictional characters interacting with historical figures
- characters dealing with the consequences of having been in situations which brought out aspects of their personalities, either positive or negative, which they had not previously realized they had
- storytelling and/or stories as either a theme or a plot point

- porn without plot
- scat/watersports
- intentional sexual humiliation
- rape/non-con/dub-con portrayed in a positive light
- alpha/beta/omega dynamics
- 24/7 lifestyle D/s
- incest
- underage
- infidelity

Fandom: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Requested 'Lost' Works":
The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. (dime novels)
Jonah Collier's Newspaper Articles About Brisco County Sr. and/or Jr.

Optional Details:

I love that the dime novels are basically in-canon RPF of the characters, so please take their whole "inaccurate retelling and/or completely fabricated crack version of an already somewhat cracktastic canon" nature and run with it. What things do the dime novels blatantly get wrong? What do they unexpectedly (and perhaps accidentally) get right? Do side characters ever get their own spin-off stories? Are the novels all written by one person, or are a bunch of people churning them out, causing a continuity nightmare? Are there ever crossover events that team Brisco and Bowler with other famous characters? What is the most ridiculous location the novels claim Brisco and Bowler visited? Who was the craziest villain or team of villains?

For Jonah Collier's articles, they might be less over-the-top than the dime novels, but that doesn't mean they are any more accurate or unbiased. How does his reporting about Brisco Sr. compare to his reporting about Brisco Jr.? Which County does he like better? What kind of things did he write that had Sr. accusing him of making up everything? What kind of coverage did he give the original hunt for Bly and his gang? How did the rest of that article he was dictating in the pilot episode go? What kinds of things did he write when Jr. was wanted for murder? Did he ever write an article examining (and possibly making fun of) the popularity of the dime novels? What did he write when any of Bly's gang were recaptured? Is he always an unreliable narrator or just sometimes?

Fandom: Cthulhu Mythos - H. P. Lovecraft

Requested 'Lost' Works":
Miskatonic University Student Newspaper

Optional Details:

(sorry, no links or screencaps for this one)

I just love the idea of Miskatonic University having a daily or weekly student-run newspaper. Is all the weirdness of Lovecraft's universe right out in the open with things like reports of the occult department needing yet another replacement professor due to the last one getting eaten? Is some unfortunate journalism student trying to honestly report terrible things only to have everyone think it is a parody piece? Or is the weirdness more subtle, lurking in the subtext of supposedly innocuous announcements and articles about happenings around campus? You can write articles set in modern times, or contemporary to Lovecraft, or anywhere in between, or a retrospective looking back on what student life was like during multiple decades. You can be serious or silly. Also feel free to take Lovecraft's racism and play it straight or make fun of it much as you want.

Fandom: Lord Huron (Band)

Requested 'Lost' Works":
George Ranger Johnson's Lonesome Dreams Series (novels)

Optional Details:

I would love to see anything about this series, either something that tries to tie together all the glimpses we've been given or something that focuses on one specific novel and either the part of it which we were shown adaptations of or the parts we weren't. What is going on in this series? Are the same people turning up in what appears to be different time periods due to immortality, time travel, reincarnation, identical looking descendants, alternate realities, a shifting dreamscape, or something else entirely? Is the answer different for different characters? Who were those ghosts and where was that island? Was that really an atomic explosion destroying a train in the old west in 'Ends of the Earth' or was it just a metaphor? Tell me anything.

The fake George Ranger Johnson page with mini-bio, bibliography, book covers, and a couple sample pages of text.

The band's official youtube channel with all the pertinent videos and trailers.

An interview where Ben Schneider talks about making up George Ranger Johnson as part of his songwriting process.

Fandom: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit (2005)

Requested 'Lost' Works":
The Observer's Book of Monsters
Pro Nun Wrestling Magazine

Optional Details:

In addition to covering the more traditional monsters, the The Observer's Book of Monsters is shown to have entries for were-rabbits and were-cows. What other strange and ridiculous monsters does the book talk about as if they are serious business? Does the book only cover England and Europe, or does it describe silly monsters from all over the world, such as the Australian were-wombat or the dreaded cheese stealing chupaqueso of Central America? Go nuts with dire warnings about imaginary critters, either ones you made up or things borrowed from folklore.

If questioned about his fondness for Pro Nun Wrestling Magazine, I'm sure the priest would insist that he only reads it for the articles, so show me one (or more, if they're really short) of those articles. Is the magazine aimed at people who like to watch nuns wrestle, or is it more of a trade-journal aimed at the wrestling nuns themselves? Does it give profiles comparing the stats of various nuns? Does it play up the rivalries or is it all about doing good work by kicking ass for the lord, complete with bible quotes about smiting people? Does it talk about the monasteries/abbeys with the best training programs? Does the magazine have a letters/editorial section? What kind of companies would advertise in a periodical like Pro Nun Wrestling Magazine?

Fandom: The Sandman (Comics)

Requested 'Lost' Works":
The Merrie Comedie of the Redemption of Dr. Faustus - Christopher Marlowe

Optional Details:

(sorry, no links or screencaps for this one)

I've never read The Sandman, but this lost library title caught my eye and was too interesting to resist requesting. Is 'The Merrie Comedie of the Redemption of Dr. Faustus' an alternate version of 'The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus' with a happy ending? Does Faust stop being blind to his own salvation, thus escaping the state of mind which is hell, or does he realize his previous areas of study were useful after all and beats the devil with science? Or is this actually a sequel in which either Faust somehow finds a way to save himself post-death or someone else (a love interest? a rival trying to outdo Faust? a rival who becomes a love interest? Queen Elizabeth being a BAMF? Helen of Troy being a BAMF? Mephistophilis deciding he and Faust had too good of a bromance to let it end?) swoops in and rescues him from hell by way of their own deal with the devil or sheer badassery? I love stories of people tricking the devil, finding loopholes in deals with the devil, beating the devil at his own game, or just plain annoying the devil until he swears he'll never touch them again.

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The Pro Nun magazine cover is the best thing I've seen all day. That is AMAZING.


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