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Request #1
Wynonna Earp
The Middleman
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.
Pushing Daisies

It's the random mad science and/or supernatural weirdness request!

Wynonna Earp/The Middleman - Teamup between Team Earp/Black Badge and the Jolly Fats Weehawkin Temp Agency/O2STK, possibly with time travel back to the Old West. Or, just anything where Wendy and Wynonna talk about shooting things in the face while MM geeks out over meeting the real Doc Holliday. Or, Dolls might secretly be on the O2STK recuritment shortlist. Or, Wendy is one of the few people who can consistently kick Dolls's butt while sparring, and Wynonna gets some training time with Sensei Ping. Or, Bobo and Willa somehow escape Hell and end up at Roxy Wasserman's fashion company/halfway house for demons. I can't decide whether Roxy would love or hate Bobo's fashion choices, but Willa would definitely hate being ordered around the way that Roxy seems to do to everyone on her staff.

Wynonna Earp/The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - When in doubt, gun fights and time travel! It can be Wynonna Earp characters going backwards to the 1890s, or AoBCJ characters moving forwards to modern times, or maybe both at once. Or, maybe Doc and Wyatt occasionally helped Marshal Brisco County, Sr. catch bad guys back before Doc and Wyatt's respective curses. Or, Wyatt Earp was historically known to have been living in San Francisco from 1891-1897, gambling, horse racing, and refereeing possbly crooked boxing matches (and I suspect this was also probably around the time when Wyatt would have been friends with and then eventually killed Bobo), while Brisco County, Jr. and friends were based out of San Francisco during at least 1893-1894 and probably for a while after that, bounty hunting for the Robber Barons and doing other random stuff in and around the city, which gives them plenty of opportunities to run into each other under either mundane or bizarre circumstances. Or, maybe the Stone Witch is the real reason why Pete Hutter is so hard to kill.

Wynonna Earp/Pushing Daisies - Emmerson, Ned, Olive, and Chuck take a road trip to Purgatory either for one of Emmerson's cases or because Ned has heard rumors of people coming back from the dead and wants to see if someone like him is living in the town. Or, a new pie shop opens in Purgatory and there is a sudden uptick in the number of people walking around who are supposed to be dead; how long will it take Team Earp/Black Badge to prove a connection and what will they do about it? Or, five resurrected people walking around Purgatory who totally weren't the Piemaker's fault, plus one who was. Or, just show me what would happen if Ned touched a Revenant. Or, for that matter, show me what would happen if Ned touched Dolls, since Dolls said his medicine was meant to keep parts of him dead. Or, maybe an AU where The Pie Hole has always been in Purgatory instead of Coeur d'Coeurs (or Papin County/Coeur d'Coeurs is inside the Ghost River Triangle), and instead of working for Shorty, Waverly works with Ned and Olive and has suspicions that Ned's new hire/girlfriend, Chuck, might be a Revenant.

The Middleman/The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - Time travel is a common hazard of the Middleman job, so Wendy isn't too surpised to find herself thrown into the past, but it's pure good luck that lands her in a time when she can get an autograph from one of her BFF Lacey's favorite historical figures, Dixie Cousins. Or, Brisco and friends get thrown forward in time and help WW and MM fight off a were-hamster invasion or whatever. Or, back in the day, Marshal Brisco County, Sr. was secretly a Middleman. Or, the 1890s-era Middleman has to threaten to banish Professor Wickwire to Iceland in order to get him to rein in one of his wackier projects, but the the Schwenke sisters aren't about to let themselves or their friend be intimidated, and steampunk shenanigans ensue.

The Middleman/Pushing Daisies - Or, five fake identities Wendy and the Middleman used while visiting the Pie Hole on a case, plus one time they went as themselves just to get pie. Or, Wendy and MM keep running into Ned, Emmerson, Olive, and Chuck under difficult to exlpain circumstances while investigating a case, and both groups keep thinking the other is a suspect. Or, Wendy can handle the living dead without batting an eye, especially when they're polite and not trying to hurt anyone, but she is highly creeped out by a town where everything is so brightly oversaturated/candy-colored, because it offends her artistic sensibilities and because it can't be natural so she's probably going to need to fight a super villain over it. Or, maybe Lacey is Ned's half sister (canon only mentions her mom, not her dad, and Ned's dad got around), and the real reason she is a vegan is because she shares his resurrection powers.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr./Pushing Daisies -

Request #2
Back to the Future (Movies)
Sapphire and Steel
The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

Back to the Future/Sapphire and Steel - Sapphire and Steel are assigned to fix a problem Doc Brown and Marty have caused with the timeline. Or, maybe all of Marty's nearly identical looking relatives scattered throughout history are in danger of causing a malevolent Time echo and the Elements need to protect all of them. Or, Sapphire and Steel need to save an ungrateful Biff from Time itself. Or, Jennifer and/or Clara find themselves in the perfect position to help Sapphire and Steel solve some problem which has little or nothing to do with Doc Brown's time machine. Or, five times Silver and Lead played with one of Doc Brown's time machines while on assignment, plus one time Doc got to play with something Silver built.

Back to the Future/The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. - Doc Brown and Clara end up good friends with Prof. Wickwire during the period while Doc is working on building his second time machine, with Doc trying to figure out whether Wickwire is secretly a fellow time traveller or just somebody really ahead of his time who somehow got overlooked by the history books. Or, the Schwenke sisters lent their muscle and blacksmithing skills when Doc was retrofitting that locomotive. Or, newly-graduated lawyer Brisco County, Jr. wandered through Hill Valley in 1885, and Doc accidentally fed Brisco's interested in technological advances. Or, Mad Dog Tannin escaped from jail and joined John Bly's gang. Or, Brisco's Orb-powered time-hopping was a little more complicated than what we saw in Bye Bly, and along the way he temporarily ended up in 1985 with a certain inventor and pair of teenage sweethearts. Or, five times somebody altered the timeline and accidentally brought Pete Hutter back to life in the process, plus one time Pete was the one doing the time traveling.

Sapphire and Steel/The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. -

Request #3
Wynonna Earp (TV)
Lucifer (TV)
Evil Dead - All Media Types

Wynonna Earp/Lucifer - How does Lucifer feel about the Earp Curse opening a revolving door in Hell for certain people? Does it annoy him enough to make him want to help stop it, or does he just see the situation as another example of how strange humans are? Did (or does) the demon Clootie officially answer to Lucifer, or is Clootie some kind of freelance demon who can make curses related to Hell without being directly affiliated with it? Or Black Badge recruits Chloe Decker, and Lucifer tags along. Or, Maze goes for drinks with Constance and they discuss the finer points of making people suffer. Or, Wynonna and Waverly need to babysit Trixie for whatever reason (maybe Team Lucifer took a road trip to Purgatory because Lucifer thought the name was funny?), and thanks to Ward Earp's crappy parenting both Earp women are terrible at it, but fortunately Nicole and/or Gus is there to save the day. Or, somebody in Purgatory is secretly a giant fan of that movie Chloe was in, and it isn't who you'd expect. Or, somebody arranges for Doc Holliday to get therapy sessions with Dr. Linda Martin because at this point an aleggedly 160+ year old famous gunslinger isn't even close to the strangest patient she has had.

Wynonna Earp/Evil Dead - There's a new kind of undead evil in Purgatory, and a bullet between the eyes from the Peacemaker barely slows it down, but fortunately an ancient Oldsmobile full of strangers just rolled into town, and they might be able to lend Team Earp a hand. Or, Annie Knowby survived the cabin and got a job killing demons for Black Badge. Or, Black Badge tries to recruit Ash, Kelly, and Pablo, and it goes about as well as you's expect (aka, terribly). How many times does Ash need to shoot and/or dismember Stupid Carl before he'll believe that Revenants aren't the same as Deadites? Or, five times Xavier Dolls had to help clean up one of Ash's supernatural messes, plus one time Ash saved Dolls. Or, the Stone Witch gets her hands on the Necronomicon. Or, Kelly is a previously unknown Earp cousin. Or, nobody knows how it got started, but if Ash and Waverly don't stop trying to outdo each other's Boomstick skills, then soon there won't be much of Purgatory left standing. Or, just a whole fic of Ash insulting Bobo, plus Bobo's reaction, because I'm sure that could be hilarious.

Lucifer/Evil Dead -


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